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laut creative director ljubomir peklar sollten wir mit einer spielzeit zwischen 6 und 8 stunden rechnen.
We’re reaching the final phases of making the game, which also means submitting it to our platform partners to ensure everything is going smoothly across all platforms before release. The team is also focusing more on fleshing out the finer details of the game, including several scenes and scripted moments. As we continue to wrap these up, we’ll have more exciting content to share after Gamescom and leading up to the launch.

The world spans a variety of different environments across various levels. Play times, of course, can vary depending on how long it takes someone to progress through the puzzles, but we estimate it’ll take 6 to 8 hours to complete the game.

Not at all; it’s an independent production and a passion project! Although we started with just 4 people and a very small budget, we’ve since grown into what you could consider a AA project.

klingt perfekt. :shu:


Halb Mensch, halb Gerät!
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Eines meiner Most Wanted seit der Ankündigung und echt froh, das nun auf der Series X und nicht der Series S spielen zu können.
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